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Tanjung Priok Car Terminal

Indonesia Port Corporation has two business units:

1.  Tanjung Priok Car Terminal (TPT)

Operational since Nov. 28, 2007, the Tanjung Priok Car Terminal (TPT) was built to meet the growing demand for the handling of vehicle cargo. The terminal currently covers 7.38 hectares of land, with a buffer area of 7.3 hectares. It also features three automatic car washes with the capacity to clean 15 vehicles per hour.
With a quay length of 308 meters, the terminal currently handles 350,000 vehicles a year. TPT is fully owned by the Indonesia Port Corporation.

2. Port Training Centre (PPK)

The Port Training Center (PPK) is an educational and guidance facility for human resources working in the port service sector. The center was established in 1976 for dockworkers as the Indonesia Port Worker Training Center. The name was later changed to the Port Training Center. The center’s mission has expanded over time expanded to include the development of business education and training in the field of port services to business partners and consulting on issues of human resource development through cooperation in training.

The PPK is also the first port training institution in Indonesia to attain ISO 9002 certification. Equipped with a variety of educational facilities and supported by trainers who are experts in a range of port operations, the PPK is ready to train the next batch of reliable human resources for the port community.

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